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A Little Rant

For this post to make any sense, read the previous post by my co-blogger Dana.

I have to say I totally agree with Dana, the Government or any political party doesn't need to baby sit the population of Canada. The government has a hard enough time looking after its self, little own the rest of us. Complete and utter morons! Since when does the government decide what I can eat. Excuse me Mr. Martin, or who ever the hell is in charge! I was thinking about having a bag of chips and a soda, is it alright with you? No, what till Friday, OK.

And besides, where does it end? First trans-fat, but what about the other drains on the healthcare system? Thousands of children country wide, get their cute little fingers jammed in doors every year and are treated at emergency rooms. When is the ban on doors coming into effect? Or how about stupidity? That, as sure as I'm sitting here causes millions of tax dollars to be wasted. When is the ban on stupidity going be passed?

Or maybe the political parties are just concerned about our well being, instead of being worried about wasting our tax dollars on future health problems caused by trans-fat. Maybe they want us to eat and feel better, give us a little peace of mind. How sweet. If that's the case, I'd feel a whole lot better if the government cut my income tax payments in half and flew me around the globe everywhere our Governor General goes. I sure could use the vacation.

Just think, when the time comes when the government controls our thoughts and actions, and makes us all perfect little citizens. Then we can change the name of our country from Canada to Utopia! I can't wait to be perfect, please hurry, so many people need help and guidance from our all knowing overlords elected officials.

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