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Have You Lost Hope?

Are you one of the people that are losing hope that Iraq can ever be turned into a productive country, with a stable economy and free population by the Americans and British? Well, my message to you is don't be so pessimistic. It may also help if you read this quote from a resident of France, who was equally depressed about his situation after WWII.
"In 1950 France was in ruins. I saw only a world marked by war, by destruction, by the shadow of war and by fear. I believed that it was not finished, that there would be a next war. I did not think it would be possible to build a life, to have a family. Then came the group of young Americans, attractive, idealistic, optimistic, protected, believing and acting as though anything was possible. It was a transforming experience for me."
This man could still not see the light at the end of the tunnel about 5 years after France was liberated from the Nazis, and France turned out pretty good. Seriously, I don't agree with some things the French government says or does, but overall the liberation of France by Canadian, American and British troops is a smashing success story.

So how do you think it would be possible for Iraq to be a glowing success story already? This is not the movies folks, we are dealing with real problems, where things progress in real time, this is not a fantasy world. Only time will tell the whole story, and for the sake of Iraqis, I hope the liberation of their country is also a big success story, that will be looked at positively by future generations. Freedom must prevail.

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