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Foreign Involvement ?

The Interfax news agency is reporting that a foreign intelligence agency may have been involved in the terrorist attack on the school in Beslan, Russia, that took place back in September. But no word yet on which one it may be, but this quote from the story defiantly got me thinking. Full story here
"Many Russian officials have accused foreign countries, particularly in the West, of double standards on terrorism. In a televised address after the attack, Putin suggested that some Cold War throwbacks in the West who are bent on weakening Russia aid terrorists."
Could it be possible a Western government was involved in the murder of 330 school children, or is Putin simply trying to relive the good old days back when he was in the KGB? Oh well, the case against the the foreign agency sounds far from air tight, but more news could be forth coming.
"For the moment the evidence that we have of this involvement is indirect, so I consider it premature to name exactly which special service it is,"
"when we gather enough convincing evidence, we won't hide it."
Doesn't sound like the Russians quite know who to blame, anybody care to make an educated guess on the out come of this little game of pin the tail on a foreign agency?

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