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Chirac Slams Blair

French President, Jacques Chirac said yesterday that Tony Blair has gained nothing by supporting President Bush and the war in Iraq. Full story here

This is why the French are such terrible friends, and the British are good friends of the United States. Britain will stand by its friends without question or need for material gain, while the French are the opposite. Their self interest makes it difficult to have a consistently strong and meaningful relationship with America.

Imagine if America looked out for only their own interests in WWII and only fought against the Japanese in the Pacific, instead of sending tons of equipment and young men to fight in the European theatre. What would glorious France look like today, or Vichy France or whatever we'd be calling it.

Chirac continued by saying that Britain and France are inseparable and that no division will ever come between them.
"Imagining that there can be division between the British and French vision of Europe is as absurd as imagining that we are building Europe against the United States.”
That statement also brings me back to the days of WWII, and the official record from meetings before the D-Day landings, where the interests of Britain, America and France were being discussed.
"If after every effort had been exhausted, the President was on one side and the French Committee of National Liberation on the other, he Mr. Churchill, would almost certainly side with the President, and that anyhow no quarrel would ever arise between Britain and the United States on account of France."
I especially think that statement holds true today, Britain backed the Americans, while the French did all they could to sabotages Bush's plans to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Now you tell me what kind of friend you would rather have.

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