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Bush = Hitler

Is there any doubt that during George W. Bush's visit to Canada this week, that some moron protester will be parading around with a Bush = Hitler sign. Of course that person is free to make any comparison they wish, but do they actually realize how foolish it is to compare Bush to Hitler. In my opinion, any person carrying such a sign immediately discredits themselves from any relevant position that they may be protesting about. So what's the point?

Surely, no matter how much this type of person hates President Bush, they must know how absurd this comparison is, and must be doing it just to grab a little bit of the protest's spotlight for themselves. I would hope that is the case anyway, otherwise it would be scary to think that an individual could be that much in the dark about history and current affairs.

Some of the Bush = Hitler crowd even has the gall to ramble off a couple of vague references about how Hitler, pre 1939, and Bush are so much alike. But couldn't anybody do a little research and come up with a couple of similarities between most leaders and/or countries through out history.

It just doesn't make sense to me. Do you see conservatives marching about in Ottawa with Paul Martin = Stalin signs? Sure many of us disagree with some of the things that our Prime Minister does, but we seem to have better sense then some of the ones on the political left do. For some reason we don't feel the need to indulge in protests for show, where we must act foolish to get noticed by the media.

Whatever short comings Paul Martin or George W. Bush have, they don't deserve to be compared to two of the biggest mass murders of all time. So why do it? That is what baffles me about some of these protesters, how they can't comprehend the stupidity of their actions. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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