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What Is A Person To Do?

Well I worked from home today and I was unlikely enough to watch the throne speech. Unlikely in the sense that I hate listening to politicians but watching them is like watching a car crash... I can't help but sneak a look. Sick. Politics too.

So listening to Addrien Clarkson read the speech made me throw up my hands in frustration. What is a person to do if they believe in a conservative/libertarian view of the world? The government is going to solve all of our problems. All of them. What can a person do if they want a government that for its throne speech says 'Most is pretty good. We'll stay out of your way. See you next year. Now go to'er.'

The government is going to create jobs for us. Gee thanks. They'll keep us healthy. Mighty appreciated. They'll solve all of our social problems. Good luck with that. They'll make the life of our native population wonderful and comfortable. Yeah just what they need. They'll save the environment. Hmmm... They'll put young people to work saving the world. Summer vacation... sweet. They'll help ensure peace throughtout the world. I've heard that one before.

I just want a government that let's people achieve their own potential. I don't want a government that treats us like children who require their good graces to get through life.

That's all.

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