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Way To Much Time On Their Hands

I've always felt that an organization that produces alot of feel good and frivolous fluff probably has more employees than it actually needs. This more often than not can be best seen in government run programs.

The latest example I can come up with concerning this is how the Royal Canadian Mint produces more stinking commemorative coins than I could ever keep track of. It seems to me that the mint has so many employees that many of them have nothing to do but dream up ideas for new coins. Let me ask you this: When was the last time that you pulled a bunch of quarters out of your pocket and managed to find two that were the same? Anyways.

I especially get burned by things like the new commemorative coin with the red poppy painted on one side. The coin is supposed to pay homage to our war veterans. John McCallum says:
We owe our veterans a debt we can never repay and the Mint is to be congratulated for having the technical ingenuity to produce a coloured coin.


This will serve to remind all Canadians every day of the importance of supporting the Legion's Poppy and Remembrance Campaign.
You gotta love Canada. Not only do we have the 'technical ingenuity' to put paint on metal, but this is how our Veteran Affairs Minister shows our gratitude to those who gave their lives for us.

Mr. McCallum if you want to help repay the 'debt we can never repay' how about trying some of these:

- Properly fund our military.
- Provide our troops equipment which doesn't put their lives at risk. See here and here.
- Provide basic equipment to our current troops.
- Have a Veterans Affairs Minister than can tell the difference between Vimy Ridge, one of our nations most defining moments, and Vichy France which was the French government that collaborated with the Nazis. This means you Mr. McCallum.
- Have a Prime Minister that has the slightest understanding of Canadian military history.

Nothing annoys me more than to have politicians give hollow political gestures and then tell us how these gestures show how much they care. I honestly don't think our Liberal government could care less about our military. I could be wrong. I don't think I am. But I could be.

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