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The U.N.

The title pretty well gives you an idea of what's coming, doesn't it, same old stuff only a different day. Doesn't the U.N. make you proud to be a peace loving citizen of the world.

O.K., I have two problems with the U.N. today, first one is that the supposedly neutral United Nations are running weapons for Palestinian militants in ambulances with U.N. markings, very classy. Don't believe me, well the Israelis happen to have it all on tape that was taken by a unmanned drone. How's that for proof?

Second one, is the fact that UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, has a member of Hamas on the payroll and no one seems to think this is a bad thing. Except for these guys Babbling Brooks, Spin Killer and again, Daimnation. Give them a read and see why the U.N. is worthless.

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