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A Sham Democracy

If you haven't read or heard about Bill Mahar's interview with CBC's Carol Off, here it is. He talks about many things, including how we Canadians should be afraid if George Bush wins the up coming election and how America's democracy is a sham.
"You don't have to participate in this sham democracy we have, you know? I mean I could tell you about, I could tell you five ways we don't really have a democracy in this country."
Poor Bill, just because your guy lost the last election and your guy is behind in the polls in this election, doesn't mean your democracy is a sham. That's just how the ball bounces Bill, you win some and you lose show, so there's no point in crying about it when the ball doesn't bounce your way. That's why we vote, Bill Mahar just doesn't pick who ever he likes.

Mahar also goes on to call America a stupid country,
"You're not thinking like an American. OK? Johnny Depp said this was a stupid country. And then he made me very mad and he took it back. Well, I say it. I don't take it back. It's stupid. Really stupid."
Again, poor Bill. Does he know how good he has it in America? He should try and do his line of work in the Sudan or China and see how far he gets. I don't think he'd live very long shitting on the government in a lot of other countries in the world, little own get big money to do it. As far as I'm concerned Bill Mahar is a spoiled little whiny punk, who needs to spend a little more time in the real world. He should come down from his mountain and get himself a reality check.

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