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Reasons Why Our Government Makes Me Sick #1

I think I'm going to make my complaints about our federal government a recurring item here at canadiancomment.

Starting at #1 we have KATELAND_62 over at The Last Amazon pointing out to us that our tax dollars are being used to produce hate literature for Palestinian school children. The original story from Frontpage Magazine tells us:
However, Palestinian children learn from their new schoolbooks that the Palestinian Arab entity is the sovereign state in the region, encompassing Israeli regions, cities and sites which are presented as part of the Palestinian Arab State. Israeli territory is referred to as “the lands of 1948” or “the Green Line”

The new Palestinian school books describe the Middle East conflict as “a confrontation between “Zionism backed by Imperialism” – and its victims – the Palestinians. Not one word is mentioned in these new textbooks about the UN Partition Resolution of 1947 or about the invasion of the nascent state of Israel by seven Arab nations on the day of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948.

And how do the new textbooks of the Palestinian Authority explain the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem in 1948 to a new generation of Palestinian Youth? As nothing less than the “outcome of a premeditated plan by Zionism and British Imperialism to expel the Palestinian Arabs from their land”.
KATELAND_62 decided to check out the Canadian International Developement Agency website (the agency that provided the funding for the textbooks) and found this noble mission statement:
Reflecting Canadian Values: Canada's role in the world—including CIDA's work in the West Bank and Gaza—reflects the Canadian values of a free and open society that respects and celebrates its diversity, and strives for the universal realization of human rights and a high standard of living for all.
Let's just say that I am not amused to know my tax dollars are used to fund this stuff. Hello Canada? Any concerns?

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