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PGA Pros for Bush

A lot of media attention goes to the fact that John Kerry has the near complete support of Hollywood, but little is made of the fact that nearly all of the PGA's touring pros support President Bush. In a recent survey of 34 PGA pros, 26 said they are voting for Bush, while the 8 others weren't planning on voting or were undecided. For those of you who aren't too good at math, that's makes 100% of the decided vote in favor of President Bush.

Here are some of the responses from the tour pros who took part in the survey,
"I'm voting for Bush. I don't think you'll find anybody on this tour voting for Kerry." - Bob Tway
"Huge Bush fan. Hate the Democrats." - Fred Funk
"Bush. I like his style, his leadership, his humility, his beliefs." - Hal Sutton
"Do you have to even ask?" - Scott Verplank
Sure there are quite a few tour players who are from and/or living in southern states but its not just the men who support Bush, its the ladies too.

The survey done on the LPGA tour had similar results as the one done on PGA members. The total number of LPGA players surveyed was 20, 13 said they were voting for Bush, 3 were voting for Kerry and 4 were not going to vote or were undecided.

Kerry has the acting profession in his corner by a landslide, but Bush counters with a landslide of his own when it comes to professional golfers, make of it what you will. So come election day, who do you think is going to get their way, golfers or actors?

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