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Only The UN?

Every time I hear someone fret about the future of Afganistan and Iraq they always imply that only the UN can provide the framework for a safe and prosperous future. The US blew it! Of course since Afganistan's recent election went better than anyone could have dreamed the story has kind of fallen off of the radar screen.

But since it hasn't happened yet, Iraq's upcoming election is still something that people can use to beat the US over the head with. According to Kofi Annan and all his fellow travellers only he and his cronies can make the Iraqi elections legitimate. Given the UNs track record though I can't figure out how Kofi's brain doesn't bleed when he gets in front of a camera to explain to us how only the UN can make the Iraqi elections legitimate.

Contrary to what 'the left' would have us believe the UN's track record when it comes to implementing elections is atrocious. Could any of you UN apologists out there explain to me how the UNs record in this regard is better than that of the US?

I just can't for the life of me understand how Iraq would be better off with more UN involvement. The UN were willing accomplices with the regime of Saddam Hussein in the decade long rape of Iraq beginning in 1991. Why do some people think the UN would truely be able to help the country now?

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