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New Life

I was watching a video over at Protest Warrior today where some guys went to a 'morning' show holding a bunch of signs reading 'Don't Believe The Liberal Media'. The one thing I noticed was that whenever the camera was on them the sign shot up in the air. For some reason I found it totally comical cause it was always on cue.

This somehow got me to wondering about how the Internet has given new breath to the conservative cause. Most people think that the Internet has allowed conversatives to network and work out new policies and beliefs. That is certainly true but I think they are overlooking the most important contribution the Internet has made to conservatives. That contribution is that conservatives, at least in the US, are now funnier than liberals.

Perhaps I am too young to remember politics before the Internet but I do remember how conservatives were thought to be boring, prudish, and stuck-up. That is definitely not the case anymore. Liberals and their ideas are NOT funny nor are they open to compromise.

Look at the last few Presidents that Republicans and Democrats have elected. Clinton was not funny. John Kerry and Al Gore are not funny. They try. My God do they try, but did any of them ever say anything that was off the cuff and had you splitting your sides? They haven't. I'm not sure if that is because they take themselves too seriously or if they've been taken in by the politically correct mindset that they are too afraid to say anything controversial.

Why the difference? Tough to say I guess but I think it has something to do with how liberal ideas have become calcified and stale. There is no discussion on their end. They peddle fear and jealousy. Conservatives only care about the rich. They are racist. They hate women.

Well I'm not rich. I have friends of numerous racial/cultural backgrounds. I'm married to a beautiful woman who I'd give my life for.

And yet I consider myself a conservative.

I also found myself reading a story about people who turned out for a GOP rally. The author noted the 'babes' and all the young folks who came out in support of G.W. Bush. Polls in the US also show that the youth vote tilts Republican.

Why? I think it has a lot to do with humour. Liberals and their beliefs are under attack from the likes of cartoons and puppet shows. Liberals CANNOT make a movie like Team America: World Police.

I read liberal blogs all day and I rarely find much to laugh at. Their stupidity perhaps. Not much else.

So my advise to conservatives, especially Canadian conservatives is: laugh at yourselves. Most of all: laugh at liberals. The simple fact is that preaching the end of the world is not going to win votes and no amount of complaining is going to win an election.

The Liberals won the last Canadian election for one simple reason. Fear. With all the strikes they had against them they still won by making people afraid of the CPC. Hate me for saying it but the simple fact is that most people don't pay much attention to politics. They have better things to do with their time. They vote with a minimum of understanding of the issues and on what their gut tells them.

Voters aren't afraid of politicians who are funny. Changing the gut feeling of the 'average joe' will make liberal fear tactics useless and self-defeating.

Learn the lesson guys.

As a closing note I'm sorry if this post is all over the map. After reading it I'm starting to think that it doesn't make any sense. My original thought still stands: the Internet has allowed American conservatives to become funnier and more diverse than their liberal counterparts.

Update @ 10:43am

This article by David Gelernter touches on this topic.

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