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More Softball for Stewart ?

As we all know Jon Stewart threw up some real softball questions for John Kerry when he was on The Daily Show a little while back, and this all came before Stewart publicly said that he was going to vote for Kerry in the up coming election. How easy would Stewart's question be if Kerry was on the show again, they may go something like this.

1. - Senator Kerry, what size are your shoes?

2. - Senator Kerry, if you were eating a sirloin steak, what would you have to drink with it, red or white wine?

3. - Give us a one word answer for this next one Senator, what's your favorite colour?

4. - True or False, were you a hero in Vietnam?

5. - Answer yes or no on this one please. Will you eat supper tomorrow?

Jon Stewart's a funny guy, but he gave Kerry free pass. Kerry is the only guy that I've seen on The Daily Show that Jon never joked around with, by saying funny things to try and throw them off when they're talking. Stewart recently did hit the nail on the head when he was talking about the hosts of Crossfire though, but its too bad he wasn't nearly as tough on Kerry, makes one wonder why.

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