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Liberals Hurt Canadian Ethics Rating

I know that quite a few Canadians don't find that title very surprising or unrealistic. But it seems more than just Canadians are now starting to take notice of our Liberal government's corrupt and negligent ways of spending/wasting our tax dollars.

This story in the Globe and Mail shows how Canada has fallen in The Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks 146 countries on their government's performance. Canada got a score of 8.5 out of 10, down from a 9.2 in the last one. Still a pretty solid score, but it still dropped us from 5th on the list to a tie for 12th. In my opinion, this tread should be reversed as soon as possible.

We as Canadians should hold our governments to the highest standards possible. We should not continue to give any government, Conservative or Liberal, a mandate that is responsible for slowly eroding away at our high standards. It appears that this Liberal government has gotten too comfortable in power and a change is needed. Why do voters continue to support negligence and/or incompetence?

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