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Its Not Everyday...

... that I am in total agreement with a columnist of the Toronto Star. Slinger (What ever happened to first AND last names?) agrees with me that the 'Canadian Tire Guy' deserves to be punished for his holier-than-thou attitude. As Slinger (there's that stupid ass'd name again) says:
If that guy from the Canadian Tire commercials shows up while you're doing something really tricky around the house like building stairs so you don't have to shinny up a rope to get to the second floor and you don't have the tools you need to do it — all you have is a piece of sandpaper — and he smirks and goes and gets the right tool, which he just happens to have — "This'll do the trick" — it's okay to punch him in the mouth. The supercilious bastard. It's time somebody did.
Anyways, I have to say that I spend many a happy weekend hanging out at Canadian Tire. Yes hanging out. It rocks. But I swear the next time I come to the head of an isle and I see that stupid smirk of the 'Canadian Tire Guy' on some stupid video stuck on repeat I swear to God that the TV and everything in the isle is going to be torn to pieces by me and one of those cordless tablesaw/toothbrush/drill combo's the 'Canadian Tire Guy' is so proud of.

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