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I Had To Do It

Sometimes an article just seems so petty and stupid that I just can't let it go. Garth Woolsey's blast about Don Cherry being in the CBC's The Ten Greatest Canadians contest was certainly one such article. Would I consider Cherry the greatest Canadian of all time? Not likely. World I vote for him just to piss off the suits over at the CBC. Damn right.

Anyways I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star to let off some steam. Here goes:
Dear Editor:

Garth Woolsey's article 'Cherry among ten greatest Canadians?' was a bit on the harsh side don't you think? If I didn't have any more common sense I'ld consider filing a complaint with the CRTC about Woolsey's comments. Since he seems to take such great offense at Don Cherry's 'outrageous and often insensitive comments' I would suggest that Woolsey refrain from calling Canadians 'a nation of shallow, narrow-minded, beer-swilling, puck-chasing hosers'.

That comment was highly insensitive and as a Canadian the CRTC should make it a priority that I not be exposed to such slander.

But on a more serious note I'ld just like to mention that Cherry recently opened the Rose Cherry Home For Kids. It appears that the construction workers refused their pay out of respect for Cherry and his work. I'm curious to know if those construction workers are the 'shallow, narrow-minded, beer-swilling, puck-chasing hosers' Woolsey was referring to?

It seems like a valid question.

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