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I Ditto What Bob Said

As Bob mentioned a few posts back he and I are not exactly fans of the United Nations. Our reasons may vary but in general I think it is quite possibly the greatest force for evil in the world today. Bob can agree or disagree if he wishes.

Anyways, today I was looking for something to totally ruin my day so I decided to head to the United Nations website. I was especially happy to see that the UN now greets it's visitors with the motto 'Welcome to the UN. It's your world.' Gee thanks. Often mottos don't make any sense when promoting products but I'm not quite sure what 'It's your world' is supposed to mean in this case.

They even have a link to a section called Secretary-General: Off the Cuff. Here is Kofi 'on the fly':
I think, let me put it this way, the Prime Minister indicated that the elections and the stabilization of Iraq will be in the interest of the Iraqis and the UK government. I would go further; I would say that attempts to stabilize Iraq will be in the interest of the entire international community. And that's why I've indicated that any government with capacity and ability to help should do what they can to help stabilize Iraq so that they can get on with their lives. And I indicated that security is absolutely essential for us to carry on reconstruction and all the wonderful plans we have for Iraq.


Obviously, the more countries that participate in these operations, the stronger the message that goes out that the whole international community is engaged and agreed on the project. But of course it is up to individual governments to decide when to participate or not to participate in these operations. But I would hope more governments would – for example, we tried to raise a brigade to protect UN [civilians in Iraq]; we haven't done very well. And it's the same governments who are asking me to send in my civilian staff who are not going to give any troops to protect them.
Oh Sweet Jesus! I can't believe that my tax dollars have indirectly paid for the webserver that hosts this stuff. Off the cuff! I am quite speechless. I also like how the title to this drivel is 'Secretary-General's press encounter with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair'. A 'press encounter'? What the hell is that? It makes it sound like that they double booked the conference room at the Marriott.

One last thing that I'll link to is this article New head of UN anti-terrorism office outlines comprehensive battle plan. A battle plan from the UN? Are they serious? In the article they refer to terrorism as 'the scourge'. Pretty tough languange but considering that the UN can't even define what a terrorist is I guess we should take it with a grain of salt. After all those guys who blow up babies and women on buses and at public markets have perfectly reasonable reasons to do what they do. Don't they? Oh never mind.

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