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Gwynne Dyer at it Again

Did anyone read Gwynne Dyer's latest article? If you didn't, no need to fear, its the same old, America is the root of all evil crap, that Dyer is always peddling. Except for the first 1/4 of the article that is, when Dyer actually sounded positive when talking about the Paul Allen funded SpaceShipOne team and their effort in winning the 10 million dollar Ansari-X prize.
"It took us back to the romantic early years of aviation, when thrusting entrepreneurs teamed up with iconoclastic engineers and bold pilots to create whole new technologies in a weather beaten hangar."
Soon after this statement though, Dyer did return to the anti-American form which he's most noted for. But what happened to make Dyer go negative on the whole SpaceShipOne experience, you ask? Well the test pilot, former Navy pilot, Brian Binnie wrecked it for Gwynne, that's what happened.

Upon landing the ship, Binnie got out of the cockpit and held up an America flag and thanked God that he lived in a country where such a feat was possible, the nerve of some people! This is when Dyer's praise ended, the second an America flag is waved with pride, the gig is up no matter what the situation is. Here Dyer continues,
"Suddenly it wasn't the romantic, sepia-toned past any more. We were yanked back to the crude nationalist bombast of the present, and it didn't feel good at all."
Dyer then goes on about American nationalism, and how over the top it is compared to the rest of the world and how it makes him and everybody else sick. He even goes on to wonder,
"how much this is driven by the need to deny the inevitable relative decline in American power over the coming two or three decades, as first the Chinese economy and then the Indian grow to rival the U.S. economy is size."
You know, I think Dyer is on to something there. Is there any doubt that is exactly what Binnie was thinking when he exited the ship, 'You know America kicks ass now, but in two or three decades, China and India will be caught up to us and America may not dominate the world any more, so I better live it up now by being a over the top, crude nationalist .' Don't you think that's a reasonable explanation?

If that Dyer theory doesn't do anything for you, then maybe this one will.
"Brian Binnie crowed about how his God had put his country ahead of all the rest because that is the example he has been shown by his leaders and media."
Oh, I get it now, we all act exactly like the leaders and media in the countries where we live. So, in that case I should be a negligent, corrupt, left of center baboon, seeing as I live in Canada. Is that what Dyer is implying? Is it really that simply?

I think Dyer has gone too far this time in his criticism of Binnie. I mean the guy just flew a historic flight in a privately funded space craft, and was just displaying pride in the country where he was born and raised. Is that really so bad?Hasn't stuff like this gone on in the past? When Canada wins a another gold medal in hockey, don't some of the players wrap themselves in our country's great flag? Don't Olympians upon winning a medal, do the exact same thing?

As always Dyer is looking a little too hard for things to complain about when it comes to America. Here's my suggestion, if this is all he's got, its time to give up.

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