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Fisk and Occupation

Back in early October Damian Penny was wondering in this post why Robert Fisk complains so much to say about the American occupation of Iraq, but never has said too much about the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. A country which Fisk had lived in for many years.

As I was reading Fisk's massive book about Lebanon this week, I came across a couple of quotes that might explain why he doesn't condemn the Syrians for the occupation of their neighboring country.
"The Syrians troops in Lebanon were peace-keepers, were they not, authorized by the Arab League."
"Syria had come to Lebanon, and Syria was now being corrupted by Lebanon. Lebanon's revenge was to welcome all her invaders and then kiss them to death. The longer they stayed, the longer they needed to stay; and each day, every hour, their presence would be imperceptibility debased and preverted and poisoned."
By the sound of things, according to Fisk anyway, its not Syria's fault at all for staying in Lebanon this long, the lebanese are to blame for the occupation. If you didn't know any better, you'd think the Syrians moved troops into Lebanon with none of their own intentions or motives, how nice of Hafez al- Assad. They were there just to keep the peace between the different Lebanese factions and the Palestinians. I guess the world owes the Syrian a favor for being so selfless.

We now know why Fisk doesn't talk negatively about Syria's occupation, because he thinks the Syrians are the victims. Through his eyes, the Syrians originally weren't in Lebanon to bleed he country dry or even to repress the ambitions of minority groups who might threaten Syria's own minority hold on power. Funny how things play out in the long run.

I hope I shedded some light on Fisk's reasoning and on the subject. So when dealing with Fisk in the future, just remember this, American actions are inept and evil, while Syria's are noble and pure.

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