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Don't have to Like Bush to Vote for Him

Daily Star columnist Micheal Young explains in this article why you don't have to like President Bush to vote for him in the up coming US election.
"John Kerry is simply not interested in seriously advancing democracy in the region, and will enter the Iraqi fray looking, primarily, for the exits; Bush, in turn, for all his administration's backtracking on democracy, is more likely to keep fighting on for success in Iraq, if only to burnish his legacy."
"Though the president may be a certified cretin, he has two things in his favor: He still sees in Iraq a cornerstone of a wider plan to fight terrorism in the Middle East; and he remains the first recent American president to embrace a U.S.-driven liberal destiny for the Middle East."
"One can fault the neocons for many things, but they, and Bush with them, are right that if Iraq is turned into a pluralistic system, given its centrality and potential political and economic power, it can become a commanding model for the Middle East and present a liberal alternative to the stifling ways of its autocratic brethren."
Young sure doesn't sound like he has must love for Bush, but he does make a lot of sense. Many people sure don't like President Bush, but what they fail to see is that John Kerry is not the answer, give Young credit, he understands this very well.

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