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The Biggest Difference

Please read this article from the Weekly Standard. This article says a lot about the two candidates for president, it shows the biggest difference between John Kerry and George W. Bush.

It shows that John Kerry is willing to exploit and use anyone he can for his own political gain, no matter what the circumstances. In this case, a grieving mother who lost her son in Iraq, but when she wanted to ask Kerry only one simple question about funding the troops in Iraq, the Kerry campaign team never got back to her about a chance for her to meet and appear with Kerry at a rally.

The article also shows a caring and thoughtful President Bush, who met with the mother in private and consoled her about her loss, after the Kerry team snubbed her. Add to this, the fact that after this story got into the media, the Kerry team accused the mother of being a Bush lackey who was just out to score political points, although she's a registered Democrat and has no hard feelings for Kerry over the incident.

Goes to show how small of a man John Kerry actually is. If talking to, or meeting a person causes him the smallest of inconveniences, they get blown off. This from a supposed defender of the middle class, who cares about all Americans equally. I guess that only applies if he has something to gain politically.

[ Via Neale News ]

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