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What Media Bias?

Given all the media coverage telling us that G.W. Bush lied about WMD I'm surprised that this hasn't been getting more coverage in the major media outlets:
The United States didn't have authorization from the U.N. nuclear watchdog when it secretly shipped from Iraq uranium and highly radioactive material that could be used in so-called "dirty bombs," U.N. officials said Wednesday.

The nearly 2 tons of low-enriched uranium and approximately 1,000 highly radioactive items transferred from Iraq to the United States last month had been placed under seal by the International Atomic Energy Agency at the sprawling Tuwaitha nuclear complex, 12 miles south of Baghdad, the officials said.
I suppose the only way we could convince some people that Saddam was up to no good was if the materials were found with a sign saying: 'Caution: Nuclear Materials Required To Build Dirty Nuclear Weapons As Requested By President Saddam Hussein To Fulfill Agreements Signed Between Himself And Terror Organizations. Refer To Document H4.AB For Authorizations. Terror Cells Awaiting Delivery Of Nuclear Devices Via Federal Express To New York City.'

It's funny how the media loses interest in a story when the evidence starts to contradict what they've been preaching to us for so long.

Oh well.

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