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To Defeat Terror

The most important fight in the war against Islamic militants is not in Iraq, yes Iraq is very important and the battle to ensure stability there is a must win in the overall picture. But Iraq is only one battle in the fight between militant Islam and modern civilization, to win the battle, the militants must be cut of at their source. The source of their idealology and money is none other than Saudi Arabia. Here Dore Gold comments on the source of this hatred,
"Simply put, deeply ingrained hatred motivated the rash of terrorist attacks of which 9/11 was a part. Where did that hosility come from? In fact, the ideology of hatred underpinning the attacks of 9/11 had roots that were more than 250 years old. As been seen, this ideology of hatred was a product of Saudi Wahhabism.
Reform is the Saudi Kingdom is the most important step in the war against militant Islam, Wahhabi clerics provide the cannon fodder for this movement. They indoctrinate and finacially support the radical foot soldiers that take part in the war against the West. Here Lebonese journalist Khairallah M Khairallah makes his feelings known,
"The kingdom's present atmosphere, which touts the rejection of others and the denial of their existence, has impacted on the mindset of many generations of Saudis and made it easy, for example, for those who perpetrated the recent attack at a residential complex in Khobar to kill foreigners without even batting an eyelid - something that has been done to innocent civilians from New York to Casablanca."
Once the Saudis decide, possibly under international pressure, to start the process of reforms, they must be sweeping, not just cosmetic. Reforms must take place at all levels of the Kingdom, right from the schools to the highest levels of government or the war against terror will fail. The Wahhabi religious schools will continue to provide zealous recruits for jihad unless the support of the Saudis is ended.

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