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Our Legal System

During the election campaign the Liberal and NPD parties told us that our judicial system was beyond dispute. The courts are always right and should not be questioned.

Appropriately our infalliable legal system steps up to the plate and gives us this ruling:
An Ontario couple have been sentenced to nine months in jail for keeping their two adopted sons chained in cages over a 13-year period when they were not in school.

The couple – the boys' 42-year-old biological aunt and her 52-year-old husband – pleaded guilty in January to two counts each of assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Ontario Court Judge Donald Halikowski condemned the couples' behaviour Monday, but said there was no evidence that the couple were sadists.

“Both accused share equal responsibility as parents,” he said before handing down the sentence. “Both failed.”
They failed? What exactly does this Mr. Halikowski mean by 'failed'? Not sadists? Then what exactly are we to call these two parents? Mis-informed? They didn't read the latest material on child rearing?

The courts are all-knowing... please.

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