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Nice List

[Via Dissecting Leftism]

Here is a good vs bad list that I enjoyed:
Clinton spends $77 billion on war in Serbia - good... Bush spends $87 billion in Iraq - bad.

Clinton awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Yugoslavia - good... Bush awards Halliburton no-bid contract in Iraq - bad.

Clinton allows UN weapons inspectors to be kicked out of Iraq - good... Bush does not allow UN weapons inspectors to search Iraq for eternity - bad.

Clinton imposes regime change in Serbia - good... Bush imposes regime change in Iraq - bad.

Clinton bombs Christian Serbs on behalf of Muslim Albanian terrorists - good... Bush liberates 25 million from a genocidal dictator - bad.

Clinton calls for regime change in Iraq - good... Bush imposes regime change in Iraq - bad.

Clinton bombs Chinese embassy - good.... Bush bombs terrorist camps - bad.

Clinton commits felonies while in office - good... Bush lands on aircraft carrier in jumpsuit - bad.

Clinton says mass graves in Serbia - good... Entire world says WMD in Iraq - bad.

Stock market crashes in 2000 under Clinton - good... Clinton recession continues after 9/11 during Bush administration - bad.

Clinton refuses Sudan's three offers to take custody of Bin Laden - good... Bush fails to capture Bin Laden instantly while searching the twisted labyrinth of underground caves in the no-mans land of Afghanistan - bad.

Clinton bombs an empty tent in Afghanistan - good... Bush destroys training camps in Afghanistan - bad.

No mass graves found in Serbia - good... Not all Iraq's WMDs found - bad.

George Tenet 's CIA screws up for eight years of Clinton administration - good... George Tenet dismissed after screwing up under Bush - bad.

Milosevic in custody (but not convicted of anything years later) - good... Saddam in custody - bad.
I don't know what to make of the 'No mass graves found in Serbia' item but its a good list nonetheless. Maybe the author is just being technical since the mass graves were actually in Kosovo.

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