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Morons From Manila

All it took was one day, yes one stinking day after Manila gave into the demands of terrorists to secure the release of one of their truck driver who was working in Iraq, that six more truck drivers have been kidnapped by the same group. Let this be a lesson to all those who think that terrorist should be negotiated with.

I can't understand for the life of me how anybody could not understand this by now, that if you give into the demands of terrorists it only gives the terrorist more incentive to repeat similar acts. This sends a message to the terrorists that are trying to disrupt or/and end the development of Iraq, that they are winning the fight. This must be avoided at all costs, these terrorists must be jailed or destroyed at all costs, not encouraged.

Sure by giving into the terrorists demands may have saved one life but at what cost to the rest of those still working in Iraq. How many will have to suffer because of this decision to appease and reward terrorists for their actions? Don't get me wrong, saving lives is a good thing, but not if its only going to get more people kidnapped and killed because of the it.

Tough decisions have to be made in a situation like this, if you're a country that is participating in Iraq you must be prepared to face the consequences of having people on the ground. You must make the choices that benefit the long term safety of those who are rebuilding the country. The regions future is at stake and decisions made for short term gain only weaken the chances for success, this must end.

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