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More Military Spending?

Wasn't it just during the election that Paul Martin blasted Stephen Harper about wanting to raise military spending? Wasn't it during the debate that Martin said that Canada didn't need a hybrid carrier to transport our troops around the globe because we were going to use transport planes instead?

Well it turns out we can't even run training exercises without having to rent American transport planes. God bless our men and women in uniform for doing as good as job as they do, isn't it time somebody equipped them properly? Full story here.

I for one don't expect the Canadian government to spend billions of dollars on our military every year. I don't expect to see M1-A1 tanks or F-22 Raptors in our arsenal but I do expect our small army be able to run complete training cycles and missions when they are needed. I also expect our troops to be able to provide their our transportation to and from hot zones all over the world. Is that too much to ask of our government? Canada is a sovereign nation, its time we started acting like one.

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