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Moore Vs. O'Reilly

In the 'Left' corner, weighing in at 395 pounds from Flint Michigan, MICHAEL MOORE! And In the 'right' corner weighing in at 187 pounds, BILL O'REILLY! If you would like to know how this duel of giant egos went, read the transcript here.

Just a quick observation, Moore asked a couple of times, why didn't the people of Iraq just rise up? If only it was that simple, why does Moore think that Saddam was killing hundreds of thousands of people? Because they wouldn't fail in line, Saddam put down several up-risings by force, the people did try.

Second quick observation, does Mr. Moore know that America doesn't have the draft anymore, because he seems really concerned about Bill O'Reilly sending his children to war? Everybody who went to Iraq volunteered for the Army. Its what they signed up to do, if you don't want to go to war, don't sign up for the Army, its that simple. If Mr. Moore or Mr. O'Reilly's kids don't want to join the Army nobody is going to force them.

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