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Michael Moore Changes his Mind

Hollywood superstar, Michael Moore has had a change of heart about Paul Martin and the Liberal party of Canada. It turns out that he doesn't like the Liberals at all and wishes to retract the statements that he made before the election. Judging by the following statement by Moore, maybe he wishes that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would have come to power.
"We watched the Liberals be weak-kneed and wimpy and never stand up and fight for us. Liberals have failed us, the working people of this country."
See how easy that was, I took a quote out of context and used it to mislead people, much the same as Moore does in his books and films. The quote may have been time sensitive and not about the same subject as I was talking about, but that's how Moore plays the game doesn't he?

It doesn't make a difference to Moore if his facts don't add up, as long as he's influencing people's decisions, anything goes for him. If everybody played by Moore's twisted rules, the world would be a lot more screwed up than it already is, but don't dwell on that thought for too long though, because it's too scary to comprehend.

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