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It's About Time!

Finally, someone at the United Nations put some of the blame on Yasser Arafat for the terrible situation the Palestinians are in. In my opinion this should have happened a lot sooner, like right after the peace talks at Camp David and Taba in 2000-01 would have been a good time to start pinning a lot of the blame on Arafat. Full story here.

The Palestinians could be four years in on building their own state right now, but Arafat turned down Ehud Barak's offer and started the Al-Asqa Intifada instead of negotiating further. Arafat not only let all of the Palestinians down, he also let down all of the people in the region.
"Barak went to Camp David determined to end the occupation. Arafat wouldn't let him." - Mahammoud Dahlan, Former Gaza Security Chief
Every death since Taba, both Palestinian and Israeli, I hold Arafat directly responsible for, he is the one who out of self interest put the Palestinians in the situation they are in today, made them more desperate and more willing to try and solve their problems through violence instead of other means.
"I am convinced that with an Anwar Sadat or a King Hussein, rather that an Arafat, across the negotiating table, we would have been living side by side with Palestine, with a shared determination to marginalize and thwart the extremists." - David Hovovitz, Israeli journalist
My thoughts exactly, if only Arafat didn't have control over the PA, how different would things be? It is time for the Palestinians to make a choice, do they want Arafat or peace? It sure looks like they can't have both. The Israelis proved at Camp David that they want peace, its time the Palestinians make a similar leap of faith.
"When the Palestinians want their own state more than they want to destroy the Jewish state, most Israelis will welcome a peaceful Palestinian state as a good neighbor." - Alan Dershowitz
One man has caused so much pain and suffering, yet there are no flies on him, for some reason world opinion doesn't turn against him, he always seems to find a way to turn the tables and remove himself from the fire, hopefully not this time. I wish for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, but I have given up on Arafat delivering it years ago, maybe its time the rest world caught on too.

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