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Hockey in Israel

I was reading the Jerusalem Post this morning and what do I see? Right there on the front page about half way down, is a picture of Dany Heatley. Of course I click on it because I have to see why he would be in an Israeli newspaper.

It turns out that it is only a review for NHL 2004 by EA Sports. So still curious I read the review just to see what they had to say about it, see how the writers hockey knowledge is. It turns out not very good at all.

Here are a couple of quotes from the review,
"Although there are some 500 ice hockey players of all ages around the country, a league of five senior teams and a senior national team that participates in world championships, there is no mention of Israel on the rosters in this excellent disk."
That's funny stuff, no mention of an Israeli, its a wonder there are no Mongolians on the disk either. At least there is a reason why there are no Israelis in the NHL,
"It is admittedly hard for a country as arid as this to compete with cold ones like Canada, the Ukraine, Finland and Sweden, where many children and adults skate to school or work."
Skate to work, that's funny too, does anyone out there remember the last time you skated to work? Oh well, I feel for the person who got this assignment, because they simply know very little about the sport, it would be like me having to write a review on cricket.

I do have a solution thought, I going to write the paper and offer my services for next year's review, they send me a free game and joystick and I'll do it for them, that would work for me.

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