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Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Did you ever wonder why none of the leaders of terrorist organizations that promote suicide bombings, such as Al-Qaida, Hizbullah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad never actually carry out any of these attacks themselves? If its such a great honour to give your life to the cause, then why would you let anybody else carry out the missions instead of yourself?

This very question was asked to Sheik Abdallah Shami, leader of Islamic Jihad, here's what he had to say about sending young men and women to their deaths instead of carry out a mission himself,
"You don't understand, the young people are full of fire. They would criticize me for taking their place."
Really Sheik, you mean you really what to volunteer for a suicide mission but your followers would be mad at you, so you better not do it, I guess that sounds logical. But if you did carry out a martyrdom operation wouldn't you go down if history as a great man, and what about all those virgins, wouldn't it be worth it, eh Sheik.

Being the leader and all, if you really wanted to carry out a mission I bet you could talk your followers into letting you go on a mission, you did convince them to give up their own lives for your cause, so that shouldn't be a problem for you, you'd would think anyway. Oh well, I can see why none of the leaders of the above organizations don't want to carry out suicide missions, if its the reasons I think or the crap they peddle, you can decide for yourself.

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