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Why Them?

Why do you think that the Palestinian cause gets so much more support from the International community than similar groups (Kurds, Armenians) which also have resorted to terrorism as a means to further respective causes?

Well for starters, wouldn't it be nice if the other groups were just simply over looked instead of being ignored like they are, but that's simply not the case. To support the Palestinian cause, one must support them over a small country that has no oil, has a very small population and also a country that is full of Jews, a very important fact. On the other hand, to support the Kurds or Armenians, one must support them over a very large Arab population that's rich in oil reserves and as mostly Muslims, tend to stick together against other groups.

Put those factors into play and its not hard to see why the Palestinian cause is supported throughout the world over other groups of displaced persons. Its too bad there's support for any group who uses terrorism as a first resort when trying to further their cause while nonviolent groups such as the Tibetians are ignored simply because its so easy to do so. Supporting violent groups is a bad precedent to set, it only encourages more violence.

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