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Under or Overreacting to Terror

Is America underreacting or overreacting to the threat of international terrorism?

Well, to start with, many people have totally different opinions when it comes to that very question. The population is divided on what they think should be the correct response to terrorism, half of America thinks that the government is overreacting while the other half thinks that the government is underreacting the threat posed to America by those who wish to do them harm.

Can both groups within of the population be correct with their assessment? Yes it is possible, for now anyway, because only time will tell us which group of people, the under or the over crowd, were correct. We simply have no way of knowing at this time what the correct answer is, there is not enough proof one way or the other that supports a conclusion just yet.

I think that if there is one or more major terrorist attacks, worse or similar to Sept.11th, in America or against American interests then the measures that were taken by America will likely by perceived to have been an underreaction to terrorism. People looking back on history will see in full view the threat that America faced, not just the partial view that we see now, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

On the other hand, if the terrible events of Sept.11th are the last major terrorist attack against America or its interests, then the measures that were taken by the government to combat terrorism may well be judged as an overreaction. Future generations would have the whole picture available to them, making their judgement easier, again hindsight is very important.

So in my humble opinion we do not yet now the answer to the above question, we simply don't see the whole picture that history will provide us. We can only hope that America if doing enough to combat terrorism without crossing the fine line of morality in its fight to end the evil that plagues it, and only time will give us the answers.

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