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Tim Talks Politics

This is a true story about a conversation I had the other day with someone I'll call Tim, who was concerned about who will win the race for the White House in the U.S. This was surprising to me because Tim never really kept a close eye on politics and wasn't all that bright. Here is how the conversation went.

"So who do you think is going to win the Presidency in the U.S." says Tim

"I don't know Tim, it's pretty close. Who do you like?" replies Bob

"I having a hard time deciding between George Dubya and that John Waffles guy."

"John Waffles, Tim who are you taking about?"

"You know the guy who was in Vietnam with the funny looking head."

"No, no, Tim that's John Kerry."

"Yeah Bob, John Kerry Waffles, that's him, I forgot his middle name."

"Tim, his middle name isn't Kerry, that's his last name, and his last name isn't Waffles, although maybe it should be."

"Really, all this time I thought his name was John Kerry Waffles, every time I had read about him in the paper that's the way it was written down. I thought Waffles was a funny last name to have."

"Are you straightened out now, Tim?"

"I think so Bob, his name is really John Kerry, you're not just yanking my chain are you?"

"Yes Tim, its the truth, those people in the paper were just talking about Kerry's decision making process, it isn't his last name."

"Well that's good because I thought all those newspapers were making the same spelling error by not capitalizing John's last name."

We hear those three words so often all strung together like that, it wouldn't be hard for someone with below standard reading to think the same way as poor Tim. Of course that's not a true story, but don't you think it could happen?

In a strange sort of way, wouldn't that help Kerry. If everybody thought his last name was Waffles and not for the other reason. Maybe he should change the direction of his campaign, turn the tables on the Republicans who like to exploit his flip flopping on key issues. It could turn the whole waffles fiasco into a election victory. Vote for John Kerry Waffles!

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