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A Soldier's Thoughts on Martin

We all have our own opinions about Paul Martin and his attack on Stephen Harper's plan for the Canadian military, some agree with our PM and others like me, disagree strongly with Martin. How about a soldiers view on the subject, after all they are the ones who are affected the most by Martin's plans, seeing as their lives are on the line. Full story here

Recently a unnamed soldier met with reporter Earl McRae of the Ottawa Sun and here are a few things he said during the interview,
"I voluntarily became a soldier knowing that it might one day mean me losing my life for Canada. Can Martin say that? When did he ever serve? He's a fat cat billionaire without a clue about what it means to be a soldier. What he said was an insult to every man and woman in this country in uniform. All of them better Canadians than him. But what's he care? Our military size has been so shrunk he figures the Liberals don't need their votes to win."
"I went ballistic. Harper never served, either, but he's a hell of a lot more understanding and realistic as to what the armed forces should be than that ignorant fool Martin. As for outdated, it's old Martin who's outdated. What does he think the role of Canadian soldiers is? To hand out candies? Carry toy guns? Just sit around and watch?
"Men and women aren't forced to sign up, they sign up because they're willing and want to be warriors, and somebody tell Martin they're damn fine people, not thugs like he makes it sound. He insults every soldier in this country as well as their families."
I think you get the message, the soldier gets his point across very nicely. There's not much more I can add to that, because like the soldier says, he's the one with his life on the line and that means he knows best when it comes to the Liberal defence policy. It is clear that Martin needs to spend more on Canada's armed forces, not attack those who wish to fund them properly.

[ Via Nealenews ]

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