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So Which One Is It?

I'll give you two different statements from today, they each appear in a different local newspaper, both relate to Stephen Harper's plans for Canada's auto industry. They are both anti-Harper pieces but they contradict each other, take a read for yourself.

The first one is from Paul McNeill, the publisher of the West prince Graphic,
"Harper, who is quickly becoming one of the great hypocrites in Canadian politics, has promised to rid the country of what he calls 'corporate welfare'. What he means is he disagrees with business receiving any support from government (unless you are the auto industry in vote-rich Ontario, and then Harper has no problem handing over 500 million of the taxpayers' money)."
The next statement is from Jack Layton and appeared in the Guardian,
"Layton said that if Harper wins the election, jobs will be lost in the auto sector. 'Harper wants to wash his hands of Oshawa, and of Windsor, and of Oakville,' which are major auto-producing communities, as well as dozens of other industrial communities in Ontario."
One is claiming that the auto industry is the only business sector Harper is paying attention to because its worth a lot of votes, therefor its getting special treatment, while the other one states Harper is going to pay no attention at all to the auto industry and that jobs will be lost because of Harper's hands off approach to the industry.

Did I miss something, could both of these statements be true, could Harper focus his attention on one specific industry, while he pays no attention to it at the same time? Either I've missed too many nights of sleep or drank about 15 cups of coffee too many today or is somebody misleading me or worse yet, telling me a bold faced lie. Could somebody help me figure out which one it is?

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