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Saudi Blames Zionists

Crown Prince Abdallah of Saudi Arabia has blamed old faithful for all the recent terror attacks in the Kingdom, as always the Zionists get the blame. Full story here.
"This is seduction. You all know who is behind it all. Zionism is behind it. It has become clear now. It has become clear to us. I don't say, I mean… It is not 100%, but 95% [certain] that the Zionist hands are behind what happened. But I tell you that you can be 100% sure that, Allah willing, this country will be victorious, whoever the faction that turns against it may be. But we are convinced that Zionism is behind everything. This has been established, I am not saying by 100%, but by 95%."
Like the old saying goes "when in doubt round up the Jews". I'm beginning to wonder if George W. invaded the wrong country, all these Saudi princes make me sick to my stomach, supply the world's terrorists with money and then smile and make good to the Western media, real sweet hearts.

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