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Proportional Representation

The whole idea of proportional representation sucks! OK maybe it doesn't totally suck but I really think it's a bad idea for Canada. We as Canadians have enough people who rule over us who are not elected as it is. Bureaucrats, lobbyists, lawyers, courts, ... I don't think we should be adding to the list by 'nominating' individuals based on proportional results.

As well if it was based on a proportional system then who exactly would I call when I've got something to complain about in my local riding?

Jack Layton says that proportional representation would ensure more women would be parliamentarians. Wanting more woman in politics is of course a noble idea but I think the NDP would be the only party that thinks having unelected women legislators is the way to go. Stalin had a well representative government as well but I don't think that did a heck of a lot for women's rights.

Jack it's quite obvious that proportional representation is nothing more than a power grab on your part. Until you can give us real reasons why we would benefit from it I suggest you drop it as an election issue. I think Canadians have about as much interest in proportional representation as they do in getting kicked in the junk.

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