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Outsourcing Sucks

Well I'm back after a week without blogging, not by choice mind you. My computer was down all week and I had a heck of a time getting her back up and running again, seeing as I know nothing about them and needed plenty of assistance. Thanks to former neighbor Joe, fellow blogger Dana and sister Susan for all the help, I tested their patience with my computer illiterate ways and will again someday soon.

But that's not what I would like to write about, outsourcing is what I have a problem with this week, especially after having to call the Dell help desk a couple of times to try and square things away without having to bother my family and friends. But calling Dell wasn't nearly as easy as it should have been, seeing as the people I had to talk to on both occasions couldn't understand half of what I said as well as me not being able to understand anything they said, and it had nothing to do with computer terminology.

Let's start by saying that I have no problem with Indians getting good jobs, it's very important that their economy continues to improve and provide the people of India with a fair wage and a chance to support their families. Everybody deserves a shot at making money for themselves and the call center is a nice place to begin. But my problem is that I'm English speaking only (except for a few phases in French and Hebrew) and when I call a help desk it helps if the person on the other end can speak English good enough that I can understand them. What would be the point of me calling them if we can't communicate?

So after I got of the phone with the poorly named "HELP DESK", I was pissed off and angry, add to that my computer problems were no closer to being solved. To say the least, the whole experience left me with a bad opinion of Dell and the services it provides to its customers. Dell not only never helped me, it also put the person on the other end of the line in a bad spot as well, both of the call center workers tried to help me and in the end were most likely left frustrated by the whole thing as well. I imagine both were nice people just trying to do their job.

I'm not one to complain, (yes I am) but next time I call for assistance I will be hoping for someone the can understand me and vice versa, it would have been a lot easier for all the parties involved and make me a lot happier, especially when I'm not happy to begin with, on account of the computer problems. Anyway, not a life or death problem but annoying all the same and the less annoying things that happen during the day the better.

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