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Only the NDP

As most of us know, the campaign signs for all political parties fall prey to vandalism during an election. It happens every election no matter who is running or who is going to be in power. Most candidates shrug it off as something that's going to happen and don't pay much attention, they just replace the signs and more on, but not the NDP candidate in Charlottetown.

Michael LeClair the campaign manager for Deloras Crane has claimed that several of their signs have been slashed with box cutters and that the vandalism is politically motivated.
"We know this is politically motivated. We don't know who to blame but we know it was one of the other camps. Someone has to pull in their troops before somebody gets hurt."
That's quite the claim, we don't know who it is, but its one of the other parties... really. Only the NDP would think that the Liberals or Conservatives are out to get them. Did they think their claim though, the two other parties are so desperate that they're going around destroying and defacing NDP signs as a last ditch effort to keep them from winning the election... really!

Here LeCLair continues his rant,
" It seems so widespread, we're left wondering if its an act of desperation on the part of someone. We just hope people will respect the democratic process. An election should be won by the people and ideas, not dirty tricks."
Who would have guessed, a conspiracy to scare off supporters of the NDP. It just may be plausible except that both the Liberals and Conservatives have also lost several of their own campaign signs to vandalism. But they probably just did that themselves so it wouldn't look as bad, wouldn't just want the NDP signs damaged, better get a few of our own too or somebody might begin to wonder.

I hope its a fair election and Crane gets a fair chance but this type of whining is not going to win the NDP any support, to make these kind of claims without any evidence is just stupid. Being an alarmist is not going to instill confidence in the voters to support your party. My advise to Crane and her team, just repair the signs and go about your business, talk about your platform and stick to the issues, being a conspiracy theorist is not going to help your cause, believe me.

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