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New Democrats are Extremely Optimistic

I need a topic for tonight's post and seeing that the election has left me not wanting to write about the Conservatives or the Liberals at the present time, this leaves me only one option. To make fun of the NDP, this always puts me in a better mood and plus its so easy to poke fun at people that are a little detached from reality, cruel, but fun.

First a little background information, NDP candidate Regina Russell who ran in Egmont in yesterday's election got a little over 2000 votes out of the 18000 that were cast, in my opinion not a very good showing. Liberal MP Joe McGuire broke the 10000 mark, he got more votes than the three other candidates combined, you might call it a total ass whipping.

Most people would agree with this assessment, but not our NDP candidate, Russell was very happy with the result. When there is a minority government and the possibility of another election within 2 years, she said she may be in a good position to win the seat in Egmont for the NDP in the next go around. Yes you heard it right, WIN the seat.
"I'm very energized by this result - I don't feel deflated by it at all, this has been a good trial run for a future campaign."
By looking at the numbers, what you ask, could she possibly see as a sign to be optimistic about? Russell's reason, at the beginning of the election McGuire was predicted by some to take about 70% of the vote and the fact he "didn't just slide in there" suggests there is opposition to the Liberals in Egmont. "Didn't just slide in there", what on God's green earth would she call it then, getting in by the skin of your teeth, is she seeing the same numbers that were released by Elections Canada? As good a reason to be optimistic as any I guess, the Liberals never got all the votes.

Anyway, nothing like taking a swipe at somebody while they're down, I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not. In my opinion the NDP were put on earth to be made fun of and that's what I'm going to do. If you aren't realistic enough to make a sound judgement about how you placed in the election, then I can't help you out.

That is the greatest asset of the NDP though, eternal optimism, any grounded person with similar success to the NDP would have given up long ago, but the good folks from the NDP just keep pushing ahead in their ignorant bliss and for this, you have to give them credit, lots and lots of credit. You just can't keep a New Democrat down.

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