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NDP Campaign Sign Update

How about a quick update of last week's post about the destruction of some of the NDP's campaign signs in Charlottetown. This week the damage to the signs has continued and the NDP are getting the RCMP involved in the matter.

Imagine that, run an article in the local newspaper stating that the two main political parties are damaging your campaign signs as a strategy to scare voters away from your party and then not expect more of your signs to be destroyed because of all the publicity. All the NDP did by going public was to encourage more people to vandalize their signs. How many teenagers would now find destroying NDP signs to be simply irresistible?

Most people would have seen this coming from a mile away, but not the good folks over at NDP headquarters. Michael LeClair, the campaign manager for Deloras Crane thought that by going public with the news, the vandalism would end . Think again Michael. Who in their right mind would think that? Only the utopians of the NDP, that's who.

To expect a bunch of teenagers, the most likely culprits, to stop vandalizing campaign signs after you already have made a such big deal about it is highly unlikely. Especially since the NDP are blaming the Liberals and Conservatives for the damage, think of the fun the teens are having bragging to their friends about it, there is no way they could stop now.

Anyway, back to my original advice to Deloras Crane and her campaign team, move on, fix the damaged signs and stick to politics. Stop digging a deeper hole for yourself by getting the RCMP involved in your illusions, chances are there isn't a grand conspiracy to stop the NDP from winning a seat on PEI. Voter confidence is an important thing, just ask the Liberals, they'll tell you.

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