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Liberals are Slow Learners

Does anyone think that Liberal fearmongering has worked so far in this election campaign? Most Conservative and NDP supporters would tell you it has worked just fine, but wouldn't you think the Liberals would have figured it out by now that their fearmongering is only making them sink deeper in the polls and even farther away from even forming a minority government. You would think, but no.

It turns out the Liberals are really slow learners, recent proof coming from the Liberal MP from Malpegue, Wayne Easter. Easter is claiming that the Conservatives under Stephen Harper will eliminate EI (employment insurance) protection for seasonal workers, including fishermen and workers such as farm employees. Easter has stated he wants proof that the Conservatives will not eliminate EI and that he is very serious, he really is... believe me.
"I do not make this allegation lightly. I have reached this conclusion based upon what is stated in the Conservative Party platform document where it states. 'The Employment Insurance program should provide adequate income protection to Canadians in all regions in the event of unexpected income loss'."
Put into plain english, Easter is telling us that the Conservatives are going to end EI and perhaps, as Liberal MP Joe McGuire put it, "starve us out" of the Maritimes and make us move to Ontario. Vote Liberal or the world is going to come to an end, you'll have no job without ACOA, no money without EI and Canada as you know it will end and add to that the "sky is falling". Easter might as well come out and tell us the Conservatives are planning mass genocide in the Maritimes, if you're gonna make stories up, you might as well make em good. Really scare the crap out of everyone!

Isn't it funny to see the true character of the Liberal MPs coming out now that they are desperate. Remember its always easy to be gracious in victory but your true character always comes out in defeat. Its the true measure of man and the Liberals are failing the test in a big way.

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