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Liberal Minority

Well its beginning to look a lot like a Liberal minority government, not that great of a result. As you may know I was looking for a little stronger showing from the Consevative party but as it turned out the Liberal scare tactics seemed to have worked well enough for them to hold on to power with a minority government.

I know there were broken promises and wasted money under the Liberals, but I would rather have seen a Liberal majority than having them depend on the NDP for support, things couldn't get much worse than that. Having Jack 'the smiling weasel' Layton with any power in parliament is bad for Canada, at least the Liberals have had balanced budgets and slightly lower taxes, but with Layton pulling Martin's strings, I can see that starting to disappear real quick.

Paul Martin is the closest thing the Liberals have to a conservative and I could have lived with him for another four years, but knowing that Jack Layton is going to holding his 25 seats or so over Martin's head is making me sick to my stomach already.

As it turns out the sponsorship scandal never lost the Liberals the election, but it did win Jack Layton and the NDP more say in Canadian politics than they deserve, what a cruel twist of fate. Call me what you will, but I would rather see the Conservatives and Liberals working together on policy than let Layton anywhere near it.

Oh well, three months ago the Conservative party would have been happy with this result, so let's build on this bit of success and be twice as strong in the next election. Also, Stephen Harper should be kept as party leader and given a chance to build on what he started, let the people of Canada get to know him and his party, so when the next election roles around, the Liberals won't be able to use the same lies of a hidden Conservative agenda that they used this time around.

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