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Liberal Democracy Source of all Torment

God be with the leaders of Iran, they are the only ones that can see the real reason for all the world's torment, man these guys are full of it. Here are some recent statements from the leadership of Iran and their views on what ails the world. Full story here.
"Despite the propaganda [against Khomeini's thought by his opponents], his political thought is appropriate to humanity's primary needs, because the source of all human torment and suffering is the 'liberal democracy' promoted by the West as 'progressive political thought." - Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
"The torment of the Iraqis, of the Palestinians, and even of the Americans are the direct outcome of liberal Western democracy, and this must serve as an important lesson to the rest of the world, [which must] open its eyes and understand that those who call themselves advocates of human rights and democracy are in fact the main supporters of crimes against humanity." - Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
"The Islamic Republic regime is a great political phenomenon of the contemporary world, and a living example of the defeat of Western methods and ideas." - Iranian Culture and Guidance Minister Ahmad Masjid-Jama'i
"We condemn all forms of violence, but we must understand that the roots of all terrorist activity lie in the violence of the superpowers… It is regrettable that they accuse the [Islamic] religion, civilization, and culture of violence and narrow-mindedness." - Iranian President Muhammad Khatami said
Its too bad the people of Iran wouldn't get the chance to have liberal democracy, then we would see how soon they would let the Mullahs run their country again. I'm not so sure Khomeini and his gang would ever get elected in a real election, not like the ones that take place in Iran today.

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