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Less Refugees - And Credit Goes To...

The number of refugees in the world has fallen to its lowest level in 10 years. Credit for the large numbers of refugess returning to Afganistan goes to:
"The phenomenal return of Afghans to their homeland over the past few years underscores the benefits of sustained international attention and support for the work of UNHCR and its partners," Lubbers said. "The impact is felt as far away as Europe, where the numbers of Afghan asylum seekers have plunged."
Hmmm... I seem to remember an imperialistic war, waged by a hegemonic power intent on securing central Asian oil. If I remember correctly they as well wanted to kill Afgani babies for the entertainment value in it. Oh well seems like we've encountered a few unintended side effects.

But how the UNHCR can take credit for the return of Afgan refugees is quite comical. The Afgani's are tough people and the presence of UNHCR employees probably wasn't a consideration when they decided to return to their homeland. I can just imagine, somewhere in the Pakistani badlands, a father of an Afgani family standing their with his wife, children, donkey, and several AK-47s... he just doesn't seem like the type who would give two figs about the UNHCR. Anyways... if it makes the do gooders at UNHCR feel good about their jobs then all the power to them.

Another interesting quote:
A key reason for the drop was the continued return of refugees to Afghanistan. More than half of the 1.1 million refugees repatriated last year returned to Afghanistan; large numbers of refugees also returned home to Angola, Burundi and Iraq.
Funny, more people are moving into Iraq than are moving out. Now I'm certainly not an expert in population studies but if people are moving to Iraq could it really be as bad as the left and their friends in the media are making it out to be? As the saying goes... people vote with their feet.

Damn Americans! Making countries safe for people to return to their homes. Have they no shame!

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