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Layton's Just Getting Started

Jack Layton is wasting no time trying to screw the Canadian taxpayers and he's just getting warmed up. To start things off Layton doesn't want to continue to pay down the national debt with the yearly budget surplus that the Liberals have been having. He thinks the debt is manageable, so spend, spend, spend! Full story here.

Layton also says that he is going to block the sale of the government's share of Petro-Canada, which is going to cost the government 2 billion in revenue, where do you think the government will have to make up the short fall from? Yup, you guessed it, the taxpayers. Here Layton makes his feelings know,
"We have not supported the sale of PetroCan, particularly with such a pathetic percentage of the sale revenue going toward renewable energy and energy solutions. It's not a wisely cast policy as we see it at the moment,"
But here Alberta Energy Minister Murray Smith, thinks that Layton may not know best, if you believe that,
"The industry has legitimate concerns to be quietly frightened, the NDP know very little about this industry. Even less than the Liberals, if that can be believed."
Last but not least, Layton is thinking that maybe Paul Martin should give him a place in the Liberal Cabinet if the parties form a coalition. I hope things don't get any worse than this, Layton is acting like a spoiled brat already and its only been 2 days since the election. Little Jackie wants this, little Jackie wants that, he thinks the Liberals own him the world, when all he really needs is a spanked bottom and sent to bed without supper.

For once in my life I have some pity for Paul Martin, can you imagine having to deal with Jack Layton everyday of the week, as he tries to squeeze concessions out of you. I'd rather talk to a telemarketer everyday at supper time for the rest of my life, than have to go though with that. Anyway, I hope Martin gets sick of Jack real quick or else I see no good news coming the taxpayers way.

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