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I'm Getting a Flashback

Today Iran is threatening to renew its program to enrich uranium which is an important step on their way to making nuclear weapons. The Iranians say they will do this if the International Atomic Energy Agency passes a resolution rebuking it for not cooperating with the UN. Full story here.

Iran’s president, Mohammad Khatami had this to say about the threat,
"With the ongoing trend, we have no moral commitment any more to suspend uranium enrichment,"
In response to the threat, Kenneth Brill and ambassador to the agency said this,
"They're trying to intimidate the board and the individual states. It really makes us question their claims that they have nothing to hide."
Don't you just love nuclear blackmail, I'm having a flashback, its June 1981 and the Israelis just bombed and destroyed a nuclear reactor, gees, I wonder why that thought popped into my mind?

Update @ 10:37

For more on Iran's nuclear blackmail, there is also a good article over at MEMRI, check it out.

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